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Puffco Peak Pro Ball Caps W/Opals

Puffco Peak Pro Ball Caps W/Opals


PeakBoroDesigns bringing the fire again! Custom peak pro ball caps are here, these FIT INSIDE the pro cap silicon grommet. You will need to purchase the ball cap from puffco to acquire this grommet!


The caps are in the same order black or white background, took shots of both to give visual contrast and better idea of the colors. These move EXTREMELY well in the grommets and seal air tight! Huge improvement over the stock oculus. 


Colors are as follows

1. Portland Green

2. Pomegranate

3. Terps

4. Lemon Drop

5. Gold Amethyst

6. OJ


8. Mystique

9. Mystique

10. Really Teally

11. Luster

12. Lotus

13. Lotus


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