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We keep you puffing!

Here at Higher Ground we offer on site Peak repair! Using genuine Puffco and Puffcoil parts we have the ability to repair any issues that occur.


We do accept repair units by mail!


-Pricing for repairs on OG units

Labor fee of $25 for repairs plus any parts needed

Upgrade Battery $75

Vibration motor $15

USB Port $20

Broken Connection Repair $5

Threaded connection Replacement  $30

-OG services

Atomizer rebuild  $20

Deep clean $25

-Pricing on Pro units

Labor fee of $30 plus any parts needed


Atomizer connection $40

USB port $35

Battery $80

Main board $140

Front Board $40

Main Silicone $50

USB port cover $15

-Pro Services

Deep Clean $30

V1 Atomizer Rebuild $25

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